Intel fixes really annoying Windows 11 BSOD issue

The only good bug is a dead bug.

Intel fixes BSOD - Windows 11 BSOD on a Dell Laptop

There’s a terrible bug going around, and it seems to be solely affecting PCs and laptops with Intel Wi-Fi adapters. The bug directly affects users with Windows 11 machines and has caused an influx of Blue Screen of Death issues. Thankfully, Intel has released a new driver update that should fix and stabilise your computer, as well as address a few other minor issues.

First reported by Windows Latest, the Intel WLAN driver version 23.30.0 brings several significant improvements. The most significant being a fix for the longstanding Blue Screen of Death error users have been experiencing. Additionally, the driver also squashes a bug that caused the device driver to stop when closing a laptop lid.

Moving swiftly on, an ongoing issue related to Windows System Event ID 5002 has also been addressed. This issue basically broke all Intel Wi-Fi adapter functionality with Windows system logs reporting that “the network adapter is not functioning properly.” Windows 11 would also display a yellow exclamation mark in Device Manager for the adapter. If you were the unlucky few, then update 23.30.0 should make light work of these pesky bugs, performance and stability issues, or other vendor-related problems.

According to the accompanying release notes, Intel has listed a few quality-of-life improvements, as well. First off, users should immediately notice reduced network latency. Ideal for gamers who value low pings in online competitive play. Even more so, Intel says that it has improved its Quality of Service (QoS) protocol to better prioritise network traffic effectively. Meaning, your router should perform optimally even if there are a lot of devices connected to it.

If you’re convinced the driver has affected your PCs performance, then feel free to grab the update right over here. Alternatively, you could wait for the next Windows 11 cumulative update. The choice is ultimately yours.