Intel’s capable Core i5-12600KF CPU drops to an unbelievable price

You can't go wrong with this mid-range Core CPU.

Core i5-12600KF CPU price drop.

Intel Core i5-12600KF CPU

“Game and multitask without compromise powered by Intel’s performance hybrid architecture on an unlocked processor.”

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Intel’s ground-breaking hybrid CPU architecture launched with Alder Lake-based models known as 12th Gen Core. Offering a heady mix of performance and value right now is the sub-$200 Core i5-12600KF.

Described as a big step forward in our review of the 12600K and appearing in our best CPU guide once upon a time – the KF, if you recall, is identical save for not carrying integrated graphics – this flavour of Core i5 is adept at both fast content creation and speedy gaming in equal measure. Putting performance into context, it is quicker than top-of-the-stack Core i9-11900K in multi-threaded workloads. That’s quite some achievement given said i9 was the fastest of its generation.

Intel’s versatile architecture allows you to pair 12600KF with a number of cheap but decent 600- and 700-series motherboards. Factor in compatibility with value conscious DDR4 RAM and you have the makings of an excellent PC for not very much money at all.

Core i5-12600KF has never been below the $200/£200 mark before, so now’s an opportune time to upgrade that five-year-old PC without breaking the bank.

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