InWin’s flatpack POC One is more versatile than ever before

The choice between power and cooling is in your hands.

InWin POC One case looks more versatile than ever.

Tiny PC cases often come with big compromises, but InWin POC One aims to give you as much choice as possible. Already known for its swift setup, the latest revision is now quicker to build in. Better yet, it can even pack a whole ATX power supply and AIO radiator, although not at the same time.

Showcasing the chassis at CES 2024, InWin’s new POC One supports up to a 240mm radiator to cool your CPU. You’ll need to stick with an SFX power supply in order to fit it in, but that’s par for the course with mini cases. Stick with 120mm fans and it’ll let you cram an ATX power supply up to 160mm inside. All that’s left to do is learn how to choose the right power supply for you.

There’s still room for all kinds of GPUs, though, with a 3.5 slot stretch. InWin even chucks in a PCI-E riser cable for good measure.

POC One now comes partly pre-built with pieces already assembled. If you’re at all familiar with IKEA’s flatpacks, it’s not worlds apart in its approach. The end result shaves off precious minutes to get you right into building your PC rather than juggling parts of the case.

InWin POC One in silver, broken down into a flatpack.
InWin POC One as it ships in a flatpack.

Aside from shuffling the innards, InWin also makes the case lighter at 4.4kg / 9.7lb. This puts it much closer to Fractal Design Terra than the original’s 5.2kg / 11.46lbs. Its diet comes from the switch from SECC to 3mm aluminium, but this does consequently make it more expensive.

POC One costs €200 compared to the original’s current €100 price tag, but it’s not entirely down to the switch in materials or refreshed design. Shipping costs are increasing, meaning most chasses and other components will suffer the same fate in 2024.

You’ll be able to get your hands on POC One in either black or silver with a frosted acrylic panels. The current plan is to make it available as an InWin estore exclusive by the end of February. There’s no sign of it coming to other storefronts just yet, but never say never.