Latest Windows 11 Insider Build preview features built-in RGB Lighting controls

Throwing a spanner in the works.

RGB Room Lighting

What if there was a built-in setting within Windows 11 that could control all of your RGB hardware and peripherals, without having to install any bloated third-party app? Well, Windows 11 Insider Build 25295 reveals Microsoft plans on doing just that in a possible future update, and I’m giddy with excitement.

According to Albacore on Twitter, the lighting control is located under the Personalisation tab within settings. Opening the tab reveals all your RGB-compatible devices, and clicking on them allows users to adjust brightness, lighting effects, effect speed, colour, and even match your Windows accent colour. It’s that seamless and simple.

If you’ve ever dabbled in RGB lighting, you know that third-party RGB apps can be a pain to work with. In most cases, you’ll have to juggle between two or three apps for the simple fact that various brands just don’t play nice together. In worst-case scenarios, some are even overly-bloated freeware that serves no other purpose than to bring system memory to its knees.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to go into Task Manager, end task for ‘lightingservice.exe,’ just so that Gigabyte’s RGB Fusion 2.0 detects my RAM modules. All because I use Armoury Crate to sync my headset. The struggle is, indeed, real.

Suffice to say, a standardised RGB control within Windows could be the game-changer we need, and should significantly reduce both memory, CPU usage and countless headaches, if Microsoft decides to include it in a future update. And dare I say, grant users even more reason to make the switch to Windows 11.

Corsair, Razer and NZXT, beware!