Lian Li announces Uni Fan SL Infinity 120mm RGB fans with infinity mirror motif

Up to four fans in a cluster.

Lian Li Uni Fan SL Infinity 120 - Stack

Lian Li has launched the Uni Fan SL Infinity 120 RGB featuring improved performance, 40 LEDs on each fan, plus an infinity mirror on the shaft and frame sides.

Available in black or white, the SL Infinity 120 provides a 10 per cent performance improvement compared to SL120, the company says, resulting in airflow increasing to 61.3CFM, a higher static pressure of 2.66mmH2O, with a speed range from 0 to 2,100RPM at a 29dBA maximum noise level.

The infinity mirror motif is built into the fan centre and both frame sides, glowing with a multi-layer effect spaced apart by 0.5mm when looking from an angle. Additionally, two thin LED strips are found flanking the fan blades’ sides, alongside an RGB rim of light around Lian Li’s logo at the rear.

Lian Li Uni Fan SL Infinity 120 - Side mirror

Each fan measures 120mm x 122.1mm x 25mm, uses fluid dynamic bearing, and can be daisy-chained up to four fans thanks to Lian Li’s pin-to-pad contact point which passes signal and power through the fan cluster. With this system, each cluster connects to the fan hub through a single 7-pin cable.

The hub itself supports up to four clusters, for a total of 16 fans. It also includes two SM Type ports, compatible with Galahad’s AIO pump ARGB cable. The hub is powered by two SATA cables with a 29W maximum input, and can connect to a motherboard sync function for a system-wide lighting effect.

Lian Li Uni Fan SL Infinity 120 - Locking system

Finally, for liquid-cooling aficionados, three handy features are present. A 0RPM function in L-Connect 3 software which turns off the fans at a chosen hardware temperature (below 50°C), a removable interlocking mechanism which improves compatibility with radiator fittings, and a multidirectional power cable module.

The Lian Li Uni Fan SL Infinity 120 is priced at $29.99 MSRP for the single-fan pack, and $94.99 for three fans plus a controller bundle pack, backed by a two-year warranty.