Mario and Luigi go retro with new Super Mario Bros. Wonder at Nintendo Direct

Ya hoo!

Super Mario Bros Wonder Title

I’ve said this before, 2D side-scrolling platformers are making a big comeback and driving that sentiment home was the debut of Super Mario Bros. Wonder at Nintendo Direct.

This new game marks the first 2D instalment for nearly a decade. Well, if you discount the poorly received Super Mario Run on mobile, that is. Still, a 2D main entry in 2023? Shut up and take my money.

So, here’s the gist, it’s everything you would expect from a classic Super Mario Bros. video game and more; featuring wild, wacky yet carefully crafted colourful stages, a large overworld map, various familiar characters, and more importantly, powerups.

As seen in the trailer, one such powerup sees our Brooklyn plumber transform into a “chonky” elephant version of himself, and it’s got the Internet roaring with laughter. One of the most weird and yet fascinating transformations we’ve seen thus far.

Super Mario Bros Wonder Elephant Mario

Besides this, the graphics seems to have that retro flare, but also features crisp and clean animations, a blend of 3D artwork, and beautifully hand-crafted backgrounds. It’s a style only Nintendo could pull off.

What’s more, it appears we’ll also be able to enjoy some multiplayer action, and we may be able to jump in as either Peach, Daisy, Luigi and Toad in up to four player co-op. Nice. We can’t forget our beloved Yoshi who appears to have his own solo stage run and assists Mario and Friends, most likely via an ‘eggy’ pickup found in-between levels.

And that’s not all! Aside from the big Super Mario reveal, Nintendo also unveiled a complete remaster of SNES classic Super Mario RPG. The trailer kicked off with the classic game rendered in all its 2D pixel art glory, before transitioning into beautifully rendered 3D-animation. A blast from the past, indeed.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is coming to Switch on October 20, while Super Mario RPG debuts November 17. Preorders are now live, and if bought together, Nintendo Switch online members have an exclusive game voucher for an additional savings of up to £20 via Nintendo’s store. Get to clicking!