Meta Quest could get an LG OLED upgrade as soon as next year

The Quest for better displays.

Meta Quest 2 Pro rumours suggest it'll pack an LG OLED screen.

Meta Quest Pro 2 is reportedly on the horizon, targeting an early 2025 release date. Along with the potential launch window comes rumours that the VR headset will swap LCD out for an LG OLED screen instead.

Whispers of LG entering the mixed reality (XR) marketplace aren’t anything new. Being one of just a handful of screen makers, it seemed something of an inevitability. Last we’d heard, Meta reportedly wanted LG and SK Hynix on board to develop a batch of micro-OLED displays in February 2023.

One year later, Hank Yung cites unnamed sources who claim Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is heading into Korea on February 28. Since there’s no rest for the wicked, the purpose of his visit is multi-faceted. He’ll meet President Yoon Suk Yeol, Samsung Electronics Chairman Jay Y. Lee, and LG Electronics CEO Joo-wan “William” Cho. The primary focus with Samsung is supposedly an AI partnership, but with LG, the topic is Meta Quest headsets.

The translation of the report suggests the deal is quite far along. Rather than discussing screens, the meeting focuses on integrating LG’s webOS. Considering the rumour is that the two companies will “release the highest-performing XR headset in the first quarter of next year,” it makes sense that hardware specifications are already set in stone. After all, there’s a schedule to keep.

While Korea Economic Daily doesn’t mention Meta Quest Pro 2 by name, it’s easily the most likely candidate. Meta Quest 3 was the company’s latest release in October 2023 and still has plenty of life left in it. Meta Quest Pro debuted a year before to mixed reviews that mainly complained about a narrow field of view.

Now that Apple Vision Pro is taking a slice of the professional pie, Meta needs to hit back. The brand’s current line-up has much more value than its $3,500 rival, but hardware is clearly its weakest aspect. Having LG on board and potentially other partners puts Meta in a much better position.

Here’s hoping it doesn’t jack up the price too much as a result. Eventually, the hardware must cascade down to the consumer range in a potential Meta Quest 4, and I’d like it to be sooner rather than later.