Deal of the day: Meta Quest 2 tumbles to a new best price ever

Another VRy low price.

Meta Quest 2 falls to a new best price.
Meta Quest 2 VR headset product photo against a white background.

meta Quest 2 (128GB)

“Enjoy last generation’s best VR headset and controllers for the best price ever, as Meta Quest 2 untethers you from the confines of your gaming PC.”

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We hate to admit when Mark Zuckerberg’s right, but nothing rivals Meta’s VR headsets when it comes to value. It’s especially true when the company keeps making it cheaper. Meta Quest 2, for example, has fallen once again to the lowest price we’ve ever seen.

Taking another tumble, the 128GB Meta Quest 2 now costs just £229.99 on Amazon UK. This is an 8% discount on top of the permanent price cut the company issued just last month. Overall, you’re looking at a £170 saving compared to this time last year and an £80 reduction since Black Friday 2023. There really hasn’t been a better time to get one.

This deal doesn’t come with any extras, just the headset and two controllers. Given how prolific the device is in the VR community, there are a ton of things you can buy separately. Charging docks, headset bands, and the official Link Cable can all enhance your experience if you pay a little extra.

What makes Meta Quest 2 so good is its LCD display, featuring 1832×1920 pixels per eye. Sure, Meta Quest 3 pushes the envelope further, but it’s not half the bargain. You can stream games directly to the headset via Steam Link, and the second-gen model gets just as many updates as its successor.

Unfortunately, this deal is only available in the UK. Amazon France gets the closest alternative with 33% off Meta Quest 2 at €299.99, just €10 more than the best price we’ve spotted.

On the other hand, there are plenty of deals on the 256GB Meta Quest Pro. The UK gets 7% off at £573.99, the US cuts 10% off at $898.99, France climbs higher with 33% off at €1,200, and Germany sees a whopping 36% off at €1,149.

Whichever headset you go for, you can get it the very next day using an Amazon Prime subscription. If that doesn’t sway you, take a look at all the other benefits. You could even stream Amazon Prime Video to your headset and be fully immersed in a 3D environment.

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