Microsoft confirms Starfield Direct double feature at Xbox Games Showcase on June 11

Double trouble.

StarField Title Image

Xbox Games Showcase is only a month away and Microsoft has confirmed fans will be treated to an in-depth look into Bethesda’s much-anticipated Skyrim-in-space RPG, Starfield.

According to the Xbox Wire blogpost, the Starfield Direct showcase will follow immediately after the main showcase, essentially making it a double feature that can be watched in one sitting. Grab the popcorn, boys and girls, we’re in for a long ride.

The Starfield Bonanza will entail everything from new gameplay footage, key insights from the developers via exclusive interviews, and valuable behind-the-scenes insider information. Colour me intrigued.

Additionally, same as last year, the event will be followed up by Xbox Games Showcase Extended, which will feature additional news and game updates from Microsoft’s deep well of partners and studios.

Xbox Games Showcase

Facing a multitude of delays, Starfield has been a long time coming and despite this remains one of most anticipated RPGs of the year. A brand-new IP from Bethesda, head honcho, Todd Howard, has gone on record stating that it is the studio’s biggest, most ambitious title yet. Set in the year 2330, the game puts you in the shoes of a humble space miner who joins the Constellation – a last vestige of space explorers seeking rare artifacts throughout the galaxy.

A sci-fi adventure grounded in reality, the game is being built and developed on the all-new Creation Engine 2, a follow-up to the engine that brought us a slew of titles including award-winning The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Fallout 4. The next-gen technology will allow for in-depth character and weapon creation, jaw-dropping visuals, and intricate-yet-flexible world-building systems that are said to allow for the creation of a stated 1,000 unique explorable planets. Whew.

Nonetheless, the show goes live June 11 and will broadcast on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook in over 30 languages, including American and British Sign Language, and English audio descriptions.

Airtime for Xbox Games Showcase in Local Time Zones are as follows:

  • PT: June 11, 10am
  • ET: June 11, 1pm
  • BST: June 11, 6pm
  • CET: June 11, 7pm
  • JST: June 12, 4am
  • AEST: June 12, 3am

Finally, Xbox virtual and in-person FanFest events will also be returning this year, with opportunities for local fans to watch the broadcast, enter sweepstakes, buy merch, and more in Los Angeles, Mexico City, Sao Paolo, Melbourne, and Warsaw. Registration for the festivities can be found here.

If everything goes as planned, Starfield will launch exclusively for Xbox Series X|S and PC on September 6. Touch a lot of wood.