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Starfield game characters alongside a PlayStation 5 console.

Starfield aims for PS5 launch after the RPG’s first DLC

Microsoft is reportedly going multi-platform with first-party games, releasing exclusives such as Starfield on Sony’s PlayStation consoles.
Starfield patch adds DLSS 3

Starfield update adds DLSS 3 and frame generation in Beta

Starfield's latest beta update introduces long-awaited Nvidia features like DLSS, DLAA, and Reflex, alongside hardware optimisations.

Bethesda’s first Starfield update adds quality-of-life improvements and tackles a good few quest issues

Bethesda squashes more bugs in latest update and promises top-requested community features incoming, soon!

Some Starfield stutter may be due to higher SSD utilisation

It seems that sometimes even PCIe Gen 5 SSDs are not quick enough to avoid stuttering in Starfield.
Starfield: the Club386 review

Starfield review: this game will take over your life

Starfield is everything I wanted in a Space RPG, full of endless discovery, open-ended opportunities, and countless possibilities.
Starfield Title

Starfield smashes through the stratosphere with over one million concurrent players on launch day

Not afraid to admit I'm one of those million, and I'm already hooked.
RX 7900 XTX and 7800X3D Starfield bundle

AMD’s limited edition Starfield Radeon RX 7900 XTX and Ryzen 7 7800X3D bundle invariably...

Turns out you can buy one of AMD’s gorgeous Starfield graphics cards, but you'll need to head to eBay with a good-sized bundle of cash.

Poof! Just like magic, Microsoft suspiciously removes £1 Xbox Game Pass trial ahead of...

Microsoft quietly ends £1, 14-day Game Pass trial merely one week ahead of Starfield launch.

Bethesda updates Starfield webpage with detailed timeline across 300 years

Barely a month away from release, Bethesda drops expansive backstory detailing the events before Starfield.
AMD Starfield RX 7900 XT

AMD and Bethesda announce limited-edition Starfield-themed CPU and GPU, but you can’t buy them

AMD announces limited-run Starfield Edition CPUs and GPUs, with only 500 units available solely via giveaway.

Bethesda announces exclusive Starfield PC partnership with AMD

Bethesda reveals that Starfield is best experienced on Ryzen and Radeon hardware.

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