MSI goes all-in on OLED with a 3-year burn-in warranty

Less worrying and more enjoyment.

MSI MAG 271QPX QD-OLED gaming monitors with three-year warranty.

MSI has announced an overhaul to its OLED monitor warranty, extending beyond its typical coverage. Now, the safety net includes protection against burn-in issues. Considering OLED is now the go-to solution for high-end systems, this is very welcome news indeed.

Alongside prices, OLED burn-in is perhaps the main reason you haven’t yet taken the plunge. Otherwise known as image retention, the issue crops up when a picture remains on screen for too long. You’re left with a fixed ghostly remnant of it that far overstays its welcome, remaining visible even when you’ve turned the channel. Some image retention disappears if you’re fortunate enough. When it degrades the organic materials in an OLED, however, it becomes a permanent burn-in.

This can happen to LCD screens, but it takes much longer. You only really see it occur in commercial use such as fast-food displays. This is because LCDs feature a dedicated backlight to handle the brightness. OLEDs, on the other hand, handle brightness directly. It’s what enables each pixel to switch off individually. Unfortunately, the counterpoint is that the panel runs hotter with higher brightness since it has no helping hand.

With TVs, the riskiest things to watch are news channels and ones with logos in the corner. As you can imagine, Windows’ permanent taskbar and games with busy UI don’t fare much better.

So, in order to give its customers peace of mind when opting for an OLED display, MSI has upgraded its burn-in warranty to three years on many models. The list goes as follows:

This puts it on par with Alienware’s OLED offerings, which are highly regarded. Alternatively, Asus now offers a two-year warranty for its displays. I’d make a comment on it being shorter, but honestly, any protection is good when there was none before.

Additionally, to further enhance the longevity of its panels, MSI is also introducing its OLED Care 2.0. This is a collection of features that safeguard your OLED panel, with Pixel Shift and Static Screen Detection providing protection and extending your device’s lifespan.

Lastly, to celebrate this milestone, MSI has also organised a giveaway from Jan 6 to Mar 31, where new customers can get a $100 Steam voucher after leaving a review of their OLED monitor.