MSI joins the magnetic fan fiesta with a new fan-to-fan connection

Snap and Lock.

MSI MAG CoreLiquid AIO coolers join the magnetic club.

MSI has presented a bunch of new products on its CES 2024 booth, from QD-OLED monitors to GPU holders. The coolest among them (pun fully intended) are magnetically attached fans on top of multi-socket AIO liquid coolers.

MSI MAG CoreLiquid AIO coolers side-by-side, one 360mm and the other 240mm.


This new fan series focuses on ease of installation. Each fan connects to the next via magnets, transferring data and power using contact pins on the sides. The pins are linked between each fan using two bridges. Then the entire set of fans is powered through a single 7-pin cable, reducing the clutter inside your computer chassis. It seems that you can control these fans using a motherboard header found on the Z790 Max.

That said, MSI’s approach is slightly different than for example Corsair’s iCUE Link as it passes the fan-power and RGB-controls through separate routes/bridges. In other words, the fan’s motor power and PWM signal passes through one side of the frame, while the ARGB signal goes through the other side. The reason is to avoid having trouble with existing patents. You can customise RGB lighting from MSI’s Mystic Light app.

MSI says these fluid dynamic bearings fans only produce 28.7dB when rotating at 2,000rpm. It gets a little louder at their max 2,500rpm, but still nothing that’ll disturb any housemates.

Like its rivals, you’ll need a hub to link everything together. The standard hub features four ports that support up to 18 fans in total, four more than Corsair’s solution. You can get one alongside three fans in either black or white for $119 when it releases. Currently, MSI is still working out how much it’ll cost to buy a single fan, but individual expansions should follow shortly after.

Generally, these solutions introduce a learning curve for first-timers but MSI’s solution looks relatively simple.

MSI MAG CoreLiquid AIO cooler pump shines RGB lighting.

MSI MAG CoreLiquid AIO CPU coolers

Like their predecessors, we once again found a nicely built AIO liquid cooler with RGB-lit fans and pump cover. This time, the latter comes equipped with an infinity mirror screen on top. It’s a good choice to keep costs down, though we would have liked at least a simple eight-segment display for temperature monitoring. You also can’t rotate the logo to different orientations.

However, the main feature of this AIO isn’t its looks, but its function. The new CoreLiquid series supports both Intel and AMD sockets without needing to change mounting hardware. The universal bracket merges the two brands to simplify the user experience and avoid mistakes during installation. MSI even pre-installs the fans out of the box and hides any cables you might otherwise see behind a cover. You can’t get much easier than that with a DIY build.

Prices sit around $119 for the 240mm model and $149 for the 360mm version. Both should launch somewhere between Q2 and Q3 2024.