MSI Project Zero motherboards and cases are far cheaper bundled

The birds are chirping that this is cheap, cheap.

MSI Project Zero PC build with RGB lighting.
MSI Project Zero bundle, including a B760 motherboard and MAG PANO M100R PZ case.

MSI Project Zero bundles

“AWD-IT bundles MSI Project Zero motherboards with compatible MSI PC cases at a discounted price, so you can finally wave goodbye to cables without spending too much.”

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MSI’s Project Zero motherboards were one of our favourites at CES 2024, making cable management a thing of the past. Since you need to pair them with very specific PC cases, the brand has bundled them with supported chassis to take the guesswork out of it. Better yet, it’s far cheaper than buying the parts separately.

Over on AWD-IT, you can grab AMD B650 and Intel B760 Project Zero motherboards with either a black or white MAG PANO M100R PZ case for just £284.99. Its original price was already cheaper than buying them individually, but this new discount saves you around £45. Hunt around enough, and that could pay for your next SSD or memory upgrade.

What makes Project Zero so special is that it relocates ports to the back of the board. This is both easier to manage rather than feeding wires through to the front and far neater, decluttering your build. As someone who’s in and out of PC cases often, it’s a blessing not to crane and contort myself constantly.

AMD B650 supports AM5 CPUs, such as Ryzen 7 7800X3D, handling up to 128GB of DDR5-7600. Intel B760M, on the other hand, caters to LGA1700 processors, like Core i9 14900K, with up to 192GB of DDR5-7800 RAM. Unfortunately, X670 Gaming Plus WiFi isn’t part of the deal here, but that’d only ramp up costs when we want to keep them cheap.

Short of Corsair’s 2500X and 2500D chassis and Phanteks NV9 Zero, there aren’t too many supported PC cases out there. Despite the lack of choice, I’d probably still grab MAG PANO M100R PZ anyway. It’s panoramic with tempered glass surrounding your hardware, which is the only way to treat your new cable-less build.

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