MSI unveils affordable Forge Series gear

Membrane keyboards are not dead yet.

MSI Forge GK100 Combo mouse and keyboard.

MSI has announced the Forge Series of peripherals providing an affordable entry into gaming gear. The series includes the Forge G lineup dedicated to gamers and the Forge (non-G) for professional/office use.

Combining the customisability of the Forge GK100 keyboard and the versatility of the Forge GM100 mouse, this combo aims to be an acceptable starting solution for gamers looking for a capable gear set.

The Forge GK100 Combo focuses on reliability with switches rated for over 10 million actuations for both keyboard and mouse. While far from the 50 to 100 million keystrokes claimed by premium mechanical keyboards such as the Corsair K65 Plus, it’s about right for a membrane clicker. Unfortunately, due to its membrane design, the keyboard can only do 19-key Anti-Ghosting instead of the full NKRO.

MSI Forge GK100 Combo.

Regarding lighting, the Forge GK100 allows RGB effect changes using keyboard hotkeys. This can be seen as a positive for those who don’t want to install additional apps but is a missed opportunity for those who like to customise their setup in detail.

On the mouse side, the GM100’s optical sensor offers adjustable DPI through a dedicated button to fit different gamers’ needs. To be more specific, the GM100 has four settings: 1,000 / 1,600 / 3,200 / 6,400 DPI options. It also has a symmetrical shape suited for both palm- and claw-grip styles. That said, this is not an ambidextrous design because the side buttons are located on the left side alone.

Measuring 120mm x 60mm x 40mm and weighing 108g, the GM100 mouse will be available both as part of the Forge GK100 Combo and as a standalone product.

“The FORGE series products are designed to provide users to start gaming with a reliable and affordable peripheral solution with essential features and a focus on practicality, offering a solid foundation for their gaming endeavors,” said MSI.

The Forge GK100 Combo and Forge GM100 will be available for purchase starting from March 2024.