New Asus ROG Ally will make Batman particularly happy later today

Does it come in black?

Asus ROG Ally 2024 poking out from a shelf in a teaser.
Image: Asus

A second Asus ROG Ally is now official, with the brand teasing its new design on socials. Celebrating the original’s birthday with an especially Ally-heavy image, keen-eyed viewers can spot a quarter of the new device poking out of the shelf. We’ll get a closer look at the portable in a livestream later today at 16:00 EDT / 21:00 BST.

It’s no secret that Asus plans to update its Steam Deck rival. After all, ROG Ally 2023 has featured the year next to its name since it launched last year. It’s a tradition reminiscent of the company’s laptop segment, laying the foundations for us to expect a second iteration.

Videocardz then leaked the brand’s Computex plans, suggesting an iterative update rather than anything truly generational. Rather than packing an AMD Ryzen Z2 APU, ROG Ally 2024 will supposedly stick with the current Z1 options.

Instead, rumours point towards screen and battery improvements. Although the display looks the same size in the teaser, it could see a resolution or refresh rate uplift. It could even go the Steam Deck route and plonk an OLED option into the mix. I’m hopeful we’ll also see a more reliable SD card reader, following recent issues.

The only thing that’s certain is the new device comes in black, which is right up Bruce Wayne’s street if you recall Batman Begins. Although I’m a fan of the clean white design, it dirties easily and fans have clamoured for a darker model since release. It also ditches the angular design for a much more ergonomic, rounded handle. The original ROG Ally is surprisingly comfortable for its edgy design but that’s more due to its weight.

Honestly, the two primary refinements I want to see have nothing to do with hardware. It needs better software and to keep a lean price point. While Armoury Crate has improved over the past year, it’s still a far cry from Steam Deck. True investment in getting Windows 11 to work smoothly on handhelds would draw me back. Valve also plays hardball in the cost arena. Asus isn’t too bad, considering it doesn’t venture into OneXPlayer territory, but it’s still significantly more than entry-level. The Next ROG Ally better be affordable to remain a contender, especially if it doesn’t reinvent the wheel.

I guess we’ll see more in the upcoming livestream.