Nvidia Broadcast comes to Corsair iCue and Elgato software to help improve your stream

Another feather in Elgato's streaming cap.

Corsair - Nvidia Broadcast

Corsair has announced the integration of Nvidia Broadcast technology within its core iCue and Elgato software utilities.

Nvidia Broadcast, previously a standalone app, has made waves among the streaming crowd with impressive audio clean-up and video effects. Employing the Tensor cores of GeForce RTX GPUs, the tech uses AI to separate speech from background noise, allowing for effective noise cancellation and echo removal. In a similar vein, Broadcast can also apply digital effects such as blurred or replaced backgrounds without the need for a greenscreen.

While the tech is freely available via the Broadcast app, Corsair’s integration removes the need for multiple software installations and could prove to be a key advantage in an increasingly competitive streaming market.

“We are excited to collaborate with NVIDIA to bring a state-of-the-art audio and video experience to our customers,” said Thi La, President and COO of Corsair. “With NVIDIA Broadcast integration, we’re adding to the powerful capabilities of iCUE and Elgato software to create a more professional gaming, streaming, and remote work setup.”

The PC hardware giant has confirmed that all Corsair headsets bar the console-specific HS75 XB Wireless are compatible with Nvidia Broadcast. The new features are available immediately through the latest versions of iCue, Elgato Wave Link and Elgato Camera Hub, and when compatible hardware is detected, iCue will automatically prompt users to install the required Nvidia Audio Effects SDK.

Minimum requirements include a Windows PC outfitted with an Nvidia RTX graphics card. Want to try it out on your Corsair headset? The video below walks through the setup process.