Nvidia is seemingly already using a short-pin connector similar to 12V-2×6 on RTX 4070 Founder Edition

No one noticed it.

Nvidia is apparently already using brand-new 12V-2×6 or similar headers on the latest RTX 4070 Founder Edition cards. The connector features shorter sense pins for added security.

In the continuation of his research about the 12VHPWR connector, Igor from Igor’s lab has stumbled upon a new discovery regarding the new 12V-2×6 which is supposed to replace the 12VHPWR. According to Igor’s findings, Nvidia already has similar headers installed on its RTX 4070 Founder Edition graphics cards.

These are updated with shorter sense pins which can detect whether the connector is fully plugged in, locking out high-current modes unless the cable is fully inserted. Shorter by being situating further into the port, the connection has to be absolutely secure before the requisite amount of power is delivered. No half measures here.

Not as if the RTX 4070 ever drew 600W of power, mind you, but more protection is welcome. In particular, these sense pins are pushed inward by 1.7mm, meaning they conform exactly to what was indicated in the 12V-2×6 diagrams. With that said, we are not sure if these plugs follow all the 12V-2×6 specs or simply modify the sense pins for additional peace of mind.

RTX 4070 FE vs RTX 4080 FE power connector
Source: Igor’s lab

Igor has also checked some board partner models and discovered that on a newer MSI RTX 4070 Gaming X Trio these pins have been shortened – though the connector is still stamped with an H+ label, meaning that it’s just a modified 12VHPWR. But that’s not all, this modified header was also found on power supplies from CWT and MSI, even though no one officially acknowledged its implementation.

Now, the question you probably are asking is, if this connector is safer and better, why didn’t Nvidia announce its inclusion on RTX 4070 and potentially newer cards, too? Is it to avoid customers messing around with their machines to find out if they won the connector-lottery? Or is the silence explained by simply not wanting to stir back the fire / melting articles? Perhaps this could be seen as a confession from Nvidia that its original header was faulty? Interesting.

In any case, the new 12V-2×6 is a positive change, and if some cards and PSUs can already benefit from its design, why not.