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Reinventing graphics since 1993, Nvidia is a key player in graphics and SoC markets. With advancements in AI and deep learning, there’s much more to Team Green than just GeForce.

The "distracted boyfriend" meme with Nvidia looking away from TSMC towards Samsung.

Samsung is courting Nvidia to choose its 3nm node

Samsung is doing all it takes to attract Nvidia’s next-gen GPUs towards its 3nm Gate-All-Around manufacturing node.
Palit GameRock hybrid cooling graphics card.

Palit GameRock graphics card combines air and liquid cooling

Palit announces hybrid cooled GameRock GeForce graphics card, combining the potential of liquid and the reliability of air cooling.
A photograph of one of TSMC's foundries, in which an Apple logo is overlaid on top of its window (centre), with an Nvidia logo (bottom left) and AMD logo (bottom right) left outside

Apple could spoil AMD and Nvidia’s future GPU plans with TSMC

The iPhone and Mac manufacturer is apparently seeking exclusive use of TSMC's 2nm process.
Key art for 3DMark's 'Steel Nomad' benchmark, in which the titular character kneels on rocky terrain against a low sun

Nvidia RTX 4090 dominates new 3DMark Steel Nomad benchmark

GeForce dominates in both DirectX12 and Vulkan GPU tests in 3DMark Steel Nomad, the successor to the legendary Time Spy benchmark.
An Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 Founders Edition graphics card (top left) falls behind a Galax GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Super graphics card (right) on a running track

Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti Super mod boosts performance by 30%

In lieu of overclocking headroom, an overclocking team has boosted Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti Super graphics card performance with faster memory.
Ghost of Tsushima dons the colours of both Nvidia and AMD.

Ghost of Tsushima debuts a new PC feature I want to see more of

Ghost of Tsushima's PC port packs a performance punch by marrying two features from Nvidia and AMD, and it could boost your frame rate.
MediaTek chip.

Nvidia and MediaTek set to challenge Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite dominance

Nvidia and MediaTek reportedly teaming up on a Snapdragon X Elite alternative combining the knowledge of each.
Nvidia system on chip.

Nvidia RTX 5000 successors will reportedly launch in early 2026

Nvidia has already moved beyond RTX 5000 series and is knee-deep in developing its next next-generation graphics cards.
A power plant cooler with giant fans, which is what we jokingly imagine RTX 5090 will use.

Nvidia is testing its Blackwell GPUs between 250W and 600W

Nvidia is seemingly working on coolers able to handle from 250W to 600W for its upcoming RTX 5000 series graphics cards.
GPU VRAM with crying emojis.

Nvidia RTX 5060 leak asserts entry-level laptops have VRAM woes

Nvidia GeForce RTX 5060 laptops might fall short of what you'd expect, sticking with a lower VRAM than some games demand.

A new leak alleges the Nvidia RTX 5080 could be released first

A new leak alleges Nvidia could release RTX 5080 ahead of its flagship RTX 5090 later this year, but we're not so sure.
Nvidia GeForce Now running on a Steam Deck.

Nvidia GeForce Now adds official Steam Deck support

It's easier than ever to get Nvidia GeForce Now running on Steam Deck, but you'll want to set it up right before gaming.

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