Pocket computing just got a lot dinkier with an iPhone-sized PC

Marie Kondo your entire PC setup.

MeLE N100 PCG02 Pro.
Background by Resul Mentes.

MeLE has refreshed its PCG02 Pro lineup with a new version powered by an Intel N100 processor. Around the size of an iPhone, this compact PC should manage light tasks while remaining silent.

Ever wanted a computer small and efficient enough that you could take it with you everywhere? Well, that’s pretty much what MeLE is offering with its N100 PCG02 Pro Windows 11 PC.

MeLE PCG02 Pro compared to an iPhone.

Measuring 146mm x 61mm x 20mm, this compact machine houses Intel’s N100 processor alongside up to 16GB of LPDDR4X-4266 RAM and 256GB of eMMC storage. In other words, enough power to run basic daily tasks such as web browsing, light office work, and video playback. As long as you don’t try to run demanding software, its four cores and 24 UHD Graphics CUs should serve you well.

Unfortunately, this updated version doesn’t have the M.2 2280 slot that older models came with, which stings a little.

MeLE N100 PCG02 Pro specs.

Moreover, the best part is that this tiny machine sips power with its CPU only consuming about 8W. This keeps it cool enough to ditch fans entirely and power via USB Type-C rather than a kettle lead. It’s a good choice for those using light apps like text editors but need to take some work back home. All you need is a monitor with USB power delivery, like the Philips 27B1U7903, and this little box.

Note that MeLE bundles a proper power adapter with this machine if you prefer it that way.

MeLE N100 PCG02 Pro demo.

All models support Wi-Fi 5 plus Bluetooth 5.1, and come equipped with two HDMI ports, two USB 3.2 Gen 2, one USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-C, another Type-C for power, a 3.5mm audio jack, Gigabit Ethernet, and a microSD reader supporting 2TB cards. That’s way more connectivity than I would expect for something so small. At the very least, it has enough for your mouse, keyboard, and dual monitors.

Thanks to its modest spec list, the MeLE N100 PCG02 Pro appeared on AliExpress for as low as $204 using a coupon. The brand also offers this machine through its Amazon store, though stocks and pricing are yet to be updated.