Reach top performance with Corsair MP700 Pro SE M.2 SSDs

Multiple cooling choices.

MP700 Pro SE with air cooler.

Corsair has announced the MP700 Pro SE M.2 SSD series boasting PCIe Gen 5 transfer speeds. To cool this beast, the brand offers three models for each capacity to suit all users’ needs.

Available in 2TB and 4TB sizes, Corsair rates MP700 Pro SE SSDs as reaching up to 14GB/s in sequential read and 12GB/s in sequential write. This performance is a step up from MP700 Pro and on par with the competition as we’re already touching the maximum bandwidth possible on Gen 5 M.2 ports.

MP700 Pro SE.

While compatible with older PCIe generations, make sure to have a recent platform that supports Gen 5 so as not to leave performance on the table. Motherboards rocking an Intel Z790 or AMD X670 chipset should have an adequate M.2 slot. If you don’t have a Gen 5 port, the cheaper MP600 Elite series is perhaps more up your street.

Inside sits a Phison E26 controller alongside 3D TLC NAND flash that combines performance and endurance. There’s 3,000 TBW on the 4TB model, so you don’t have to worry about durability. Additionally, each SSD will carry LPDDR4 RAM (8GB on the 4TB model) to deliver a consistent transfer speed.

MP700 Pro SE with air cooler.

Corsair offers three versions of each capacity to ensure optimum performance for all users. The first is a barebones drive for laptops or motherboards with integrated SSD heatsinks. The second sits underneath the brand’s Hydro X liquid cooling block. Finally, the third is an air cooler model featuring a small 20mm fan, although this isn’t launching with the others.

BarebonesTBD£624.99 / €719.99 / $624.99
Liquid cooled£344.99 / €399.99 / $344.99£639.99 / €739.99 / $639.99

The MP700 Pro SE SSD series is available from Corsair’s store at the following prices, backed by a five-year warranty. Meanwhile, the brand will release the air-cooled version models in June.