Rockstar says Grand Theft Auto 6 in development

No timescale on release, but gamers are bound to rejoice at the news.

Rockstar Games has confirmed a new entry in the Grand Theft Auto series is under development. Reading between the thick lines, this joyful news means we’ll be seeing GTA 6 sooner rather than later.

Posting on Twitter this afternoon, the announcement has garnered 133K likes in under an hour.

It’s a long time coming as seminal GTA V was launched September 17, 2013. Rockstar refrains from providing details other than GTA 6 being in development, but that’s enough for us to get excited about on a Friday afternoon.

If we were betting men, GTA 6 won’t be seen this year, maybe not even next, going by Take-Two’s missives previously reported on PCGamer. Whenever it does come out, GTA 6 will have an awful lot to live up to and millions of fans to please.