Samsung and Micron may increase DRAM prices by 20%

All good times have an end.

Samsung M.2 SSDs on a market price chart background.
Background by Markus Winkler.

Dirt-cheap memory products may soon end as Samsung and Micron are expected to increase DRAM prices by 15% to 20%. Sources have revealed that memory manufacturers have already begun adjusting prices.

After appreciating some excellent SSD and RAM prices lately, things are expected to go back up this quarter. Due to the high demand from AI computing and smartphone segments plus the production reduction, Samsung and Micron are said to plan a 15% to 20% price increase to their DRAM offerings. This includes NAND flash cost which is also expected to continue climbing until the end of the year. Combined with the continual increase in demand, the industry is anticipating tight DRAM supplies in 2024.

According to TrendForce, memory manufacturers believe that a continued reduction in production is necessary to maintain the supply-demand balance in the memory industry. The current forecast estimates a 13% to 18% price increase in the mobile DRAM segment. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning. 2024 could see SSD prices rise up to 55% more expensive than they currently are.

While unfortunate for the consumer, it’s nothing unusual for this industry. Every couple of years, NAND and DRAM prices drop from a cliff as stocks fill up. Then, it returns to normal before a price rise and the cycle continues. Needless to say, we can’t wait for the next massive drop to swing around. Hopefully, it’ll bring with it large-capacity Gen 5 SSDs to affordable territories.

For now, SSD and DDR5 pricing seems to still be under control, with fairly fast 2TB SSDs below £100 and 32GB DDR5 kits around £90. If for some reason you still haven’t upgraded your storage yet, keep an eye out on our Deals section for an opportunity to snag one for cheap.