SSD prices may get 55% more expensive

Brace your bank account, SSDs could get pricier.

Promotional image by Samsung revealing a woman holding a Samsung Portable SSD.

Many industry sources point toward a steep price hike in the memory sector over the next few fiscal quarters. Last week, Western Digital announced to its customers that it anticipates “a cumulative increase surpassing 55% of current levels.” Today, yet another popular memory manufacturer confirmed this sentiment in its monthly performance report for November 2023.

Phison (via MyDrivers) revealed that total SSD shipments continued to recover in November. The total shipments of PCIe SSD controllers increased by nearly 40% year-on-year, setting a new year-on-year record.

November 2023 was also the second highest consolidated revenue in the company’s history. Revenue totalled NT$5.407 billion (approx. $172 million) representing nearly 5% in monthly growth. This indicates a gradual rebound in overall market demand and directly affects Phison’s future growth and profitability.

As we all know, high demand usually leads to a price increase, and this is what the report seems to convey. In fact, in the same month, heavy hitters Samsung and SK Hynix implemented a price hike to reflect the market, and Phison is simply the latest to follow suit.

So, what does this mean for the consumer market? Well, even though SSDs are at a record low, eventually our favourite NAND flash suppliers will have to pass the buck. It goes without saying, now might be the best time to bag the best SSD. Better yet, keep an eye on our dedicated deals page for the best savings available.