Steam Deck users rejoice, Kioxia has a 2TB microSDXC card

What sorcery is this?

Yet another comparison of the Kioxia Exceria Plus G2 MicroSD when compared to a human hand.

That’s right folks, Kioxia just released the biggest ever microSD card to market. The Exceria Plus G2 microSDXC now arrives in mammoth 2TB capacity storage and tinier than a thimble. Sheesh, dynamite indeed comes in small packages.

This also makes it the highest data storage density among any other device, in terms of physical volume. Kioxia engineers managed to pull this off by stacking 16 one terabit (128GB) layers together. What makes it magic is that the Z-height for this memory pancake measures just 0.8mm. As a comparison, the best SSDs sit anywhere between 3mm thick for an NVMe to between 5mm and 9mm thick for a 2.5in drive. I told you, it’s simply mad.

A visual reminder of how tiny the Kioxia Exceria Plus G2 microSDXC actually is when compared to a human hand.

In terms of specifications, the card is classified as a UHS Class 3 device. It’s also certified application class A1, and video class V30. Meaning, the company assures a minimum write speed of at least 30MBps. The memory card manufacturer also claims maximum sequential read/write speeds of 100MB/s and 90MB/s, respectively.

If it manages to hit those numbers, then this could be the perfect Steam Deck or Asus ROG Ally companion. It’s equally a big deal for professional videographers and content creators on-the-go. 4K or 8K footage can reach exorbitant sizes, and these professionals depend on reliable, lightweight storage drives. This extends to smartphone owners, dashcam users, and action cam video bloggers. Kioxia is in a rather advantageous position because there’s nothing else like it on the market.

Kioxia will initially release the card in its home market of Japan. Hopefully it arrives within the next quarter, followed by an international launch shortly after. We don’t yet know the price, but rest assured it’s going to cost a pretty penny. We’ll keep our eyes peeled until then.