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A computer chip on a PCB.

New universal memory is an efficient RAM and NAND successor

UltraRAM, a revolutionary memory technology combining super-long data retention with speeds far surpassing DRAM.
Montage of Core i7-14700K, GeForce RTX 4070 Ti, Fractal Terra and DeepCool LT720WH.

Best PC components of 2023: our top picks for upgrading your rig

You simply cannot go wrong if you follow our guide and choose one of many great components that debuted this year.
Yet another comparison of the Kioxia Exceria Plus G2 MicroSD when compared to a human hand.

Steam Deck users rejoice, Kioxia has a 2TB microSDXC card

Kioxia readies its first ever 2TB microSDXC card for the Japanese market. The storage card could arrive as early as next quarter.
Corsair MP600 Micro on top of a laptop keyboard.

Corsair MP600 Micro is a tiny SSD for Steam Deck

Corsair MP600 Micro M.2 SSD delivers PCIe Gen 4 performance to small form factor PCs and handheld devices.
Micron 3500 NVMe SSD on warehouse background.

Micron delivers high performance and density with the 3500 SSDs

Micron leverages its 232-layer TLC NAND density and PCIe Gen 4 speed in its latest 3500 NVMe SSD series to deliver up to 7GB/s read.
QNAP NAS products deals for all budgets.

Get up to 20% off your storage needs with QNAP

No matter your network storage needs or budget, QNAP has something for you during this Black Friday, and at discounted prices.
PNY CS3150 PCIe Gen 5 SSD series with active air cooling.

PNY CS3150 PCIe Gen 5 SSD brings controllable RGB

PNY CS3150 M.2 SSD leverages PCIe Gen 5 bandwidth, offering extreme transfer speeds and proper cooling to sustain performance.
Corsair MP700 Pro M.2 SSD with an active cooling system

Corsair MP700 Pro Gen 5 SSD has cooling options for days

Corsair MP700 Pro M.2 SSD aims to transfer your files so fast you will wonder if you have selected them all.
Sabrent Apex X16 Destroyer card filled with 16 8TB SSDs.

Sabrent Apex X16 Destroyer packs 128TB of SSD storage

Check out how 128TB of storage looks like with Sabrent Apex X16 Destroyer add-on card featuring 16 M.2 slots.
Adata SE920 External SSD

Adata releases powerful external SSD with USB 4 connectivity

Adata launches SE920 external SSD rocking 3,800MB/s speed.
Addlink S93 PCIe Gen 4 M.2 SSD

Addlink releases single-sided S93 M.2 SSD for laptops and PlayStation 5

Addlink leverages PCIe Gen 4 speed with the S93 M.2 SSD.
WD P10 Game Drive 5TB

Deal of the day: WD’s 5TB P10 Game Drive is massive and now at...

A huge drive that eats up games for breakfast. Available at a fantastic price.

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