SteelSeries launches Aerox 5, 5 wireless and 9 wireless lightweight mice

Battery-powered and lightweight. Nice!

SteelSeries announces three new mice. There’s wired and wireless, with several configurations of side buttons, IP54-rated water protection and up to 180 hours of play in battery mode. Enter the Aerox 5 and 9.

Starting with the lightest, Aerox 5 is a 66g wired mouse connecting via detachable USB-C and features the optical TrueMove Air Sensor co-developed with PixArt, capable of 18,000CPI (counts per second), 400IPS (inches per second), 40G of acceleration and tilt tracking at a 1000Hz/1ms polling rate.

This right-handed mouse is made of ABS plastic with a matte black finish and perforations on top for weight reduction. Nine programmable mechanical switches rated for 80-million clicks, including a special up/down flick switch, should suffice most users’ needs. Illumination is covered by three RGB zones controllable through SteelSeries Engine software.

Next, we have the Aerox 5 wireless, sharing much of the previous mouse’s specs but this time powered by a long-lasting 180-hour-rated battery, which can get back a 40-hour charge in only 15min. Weight increases marginally to 74g. It also connects using a detachable USB-C braided cable.

Data transmission is carried by 2.4GHz Quantum 2.0 Wireless technology ensuring power efficiency and stability, according to SteelSeries, plus Bluetooth 5.0 for wider compatibility with laptops and other machines.

Finally, the Aerox 9 wireless is once again similar, with a small change in the form of 18 programmable buttons, 12 of which are on its side for MMO/MOBA gaming, pushing weight up to a tolerable 89g.

This last one is more interesting since by adding only £5 extra to the budget you gain a bunch of side buttons for macros or games. However, if cables don’t bother you, go for the Aerox 5 and save some cash.

Speaking of cost, these mice are not cheap, as they will set you back £79.99 for the wired Aerox 5, £134.99 for the wireless Aerox 5, and £139.99 for the Aerox 9 wireless.