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Custom Baldur's Gate 3 controller based on the Mysterious Artefact held up.

I absolutely love this Baldur’s Gate 3 Artefact turned controller

Not all controllers come with joysticks, and this custom one will catch the eye of any Baldur's Gate 3 fan.
Corsair SCUF Envision PC gaming controller

Scuf Gaming says Envision PC controller is all you need

Scuf’s Envision is a premium PC controller with Omron mechanical switches.

Xbox gives its Gold Shadow controller the Midas touch

Xbox brings back memories with Shadow Range inspired Gold Shadow special edition controller.
Xbox Elite Wireless Controller - Sale!

Deal of the day: save 25% on the awesome Elite Series 2 Core controller...

The Core Edition of Microsoft's Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 drops below £100 for the first time.
Xbox Elite Series 2 Design Lab

New Xbox Design Lab customisation options will make you want an Elite Series 2...

The best-looking joypad gets even better with a range of new colourways.
Xbox recycled controller

Microsoft launches Remix Special Edition Xbox controller made of recycled materials

Microsoft continues its green initiatives with a new controller featuring recycled materials.
Need For Speed Unbound

Nintendo Europe rolls out free repairs for dreaded Joy-con drift issue

Nintendo will repair any Joy-con that experiences stick drift; even those out of warranty, with a few exceptions.
Stadia controller

Google now allows Stadia controllers to function as regular Bluetooth joypads

Save your Stadia controller from waste using Google’s Bluetooth update. Here's how to do it.
Razer Wolverine 2

Razer’s Wolverine V2 Pro controller brings a sought-after feature to PlayStation 5

A custom Razer controller for PS5 featuring a wealth of options and asymmetric thumb stick design.
Xbox Series Elite 2 DLabs 4

Xbox Design Lab makes Elite Series 2 Core controller wonderfully customisable

We played around with Design Labs' editor and created our very own custom Xbox Elite Series 2 controller.
PlayStation Edge 4

Sony PS5 DualSense Edge wireless controller gets official pricing and release date

Sony's version of the Elite controller set to launch globally on January 26. Available for pre-order early as next week.
Xbox Elite Series 2 Core

Microsoft releases cheaper Elite 2 Core Xbox controller priced at £114.99

Microsoft reveals Xbox Elite Series 2 Core white and black controller without spare parts.

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