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AMD Epyc Processor

AMD baby Epyc 8004 Series Siena breaks cover and targets Intel Xeon D

AMD 4th Generation Epyc is now complete.
AMD 9754 Bergamo

AMD Epyc 9684X and 9754 CPU review: in over 20 years, the fastest chips...

Epyc in name, epic in stature. Here's what a 128-core, 256-thread CPU can do for your workload.
Bergamo and Genoa-X pose for camera

AMD Epyc 9754 Bergamo and 9684X Genoa-X smile for camera

AMD raises the core and cache bar with muscular entrants in the 4th Generation Epyc portfolio.
AMD Bergamo Epyc 9754

A closer look at AMD Zen 4c-powered Bergamo Epyc

We examine how AMD's been able to shoehorn 128 cores in a smaller area.
AMD Epyc Processor

AMD teases AI and strengthens datacentre portfolio with 128-core Bergamo and 1GB+ cache-equipped Genoa-X...

Building datacentre momentum with variations on the Epyc theme, the real opportunity is with generative AI.
AMD Epyc 9654 Genoa processor

AMD Epyc 9654 Genoa review: different dimension performance

192 cores, 384 threads and 1.5TB DDR5 memory - these are benchmarks that will blow your mind.
AMD Epyc

Mark your calendars: AMD gets ready for Epyc Genoa server CPU launch on November...

Core-and-thread count to go up by at least 50 per cent.
AMD Epyc Processor

Leaked AMD Epyc 9004 model stack confirms full lineup and monster 128-core model

A 128-core, 256-thread monster Epyc coming to a server near you.
AMD Genoa

First benchmark paints AMD Zen 4 Epyc Genoa CPUs in positive light

First Zen 4-based Genoa benchmarks surface, and they're rather impressive.
AMD Epyc 7773X Hero

AMD Epyc 7773X Milan-X review: Zen 3 bows out on a high

AMD's X-rated Epyc chip continues to set performance standards.

AMD roadmap updates confirm 3D V-Cache coming to Zen 4 and Zen 5

New Epyc chips and Zen 5 get a public outing.
AMD Epyc

A deeper look into AMD Epyc 7003 Milan-X featuring 3D V-Cache

AMD imbues the latest Epyc Milan-X server processors with 768MB of L3 cache.

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