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Black PlayStation 5 console.

Sony PlayStation 5 Pro specs confirmed with 45% faster GPU

Sony’s PlayStation 5 Pro console refresh specs confirmed rocking a 45% faster GPU but keeping the original Zen 2 CPU.
PS Vita by Aleks Dorohovich via Unsplash.

Sony may make PS Vita 2 but can it really rival Steam Deck?

A reliable source confirms there is a Sony PlayStation Portable device in active development, and it is powered by AMD.
PlayStation Cronus Ban.

PlayStation swings the ban hammer in a way Xbox players dream of

Sony appears to have nuked Cronus Zen compatibility after latest PlayStation 5 firmware update. A huge victory for all.
Sony PlayStation 5 and Dual Sense controller by Kerde Severin via Unsplash.

Hammer time – Sony PS5 sales race to 50 million units

Sony PS5 sales skyrocket to the moon by achieving 50 million sale milestone, reaching 25 million target for 2023.
Doom Franchise bundle featuring every Doom cover art.

Insomniac’s massive 1.67TB data leak reveals upcoming games

Sony and Insomniac Games roadmap leak reveals a bunch of Marvel games in the works, plus many other interesting titbits.

Retiring PlayStation CEO gets a PS1-style PS5 that’s not for sale

Sony gives the PS5 a retro look, borrowed from the classic PlayStation console, to celebrate retiring boss Jim Ryan.
PlayStation 5 Slim console teardown

The PlayStation 5 Slim comes with a different cooler

The PlayStation 5 Slim cooler is smaller than older models.
PlayStation 5 console flying through the clouds followed by a Dualsense controller

PS Plus Premium lets you stream PS5 games at 4K, but there’s a catch

Cloud gaming has finally reached PS5 titles.
The PlayStation Network (PSN) logo with a cloud symbol and stop sign over it.

Sony’s PSN outage shows how bad online-only games can be

The recent PSN outage shows just how bad always-online games can be.
PlayStation 5 Slim gaming console alongside the Dualsense controller

Sony puts the PlayStation 5 on a diet, giving PS5 Slim a detachable disc

The PS5 Slim is coming this holiday season with larger SSD.
Sony PS5

Major PS5 firmware update rolls out adding many more features including Dolby Atmos 3D...

Sony's latest firmware update arrives totalling just over 1GB and includes new accessibility, audio, and social features.
PlayStation Portal remote play console

Sony unveils £199 PlayStation Portal remote-play handheld with 1080p 60Hz LCD screen

Sony confirms PlayStation remote-play handheld will arrive later this year without cloud game streaming.

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