Retiring PlayStation CEO gets a PS1-style PS5 that’s not for sale


Jim Ryan’s time as Sony Interactive Entertainment boss is sunsetting after nearly 30 years of service. It’s only right, then, that PlayStation gives him a swanky leaving present to remember his time at the company. We’re just jealous we can’t get our hands on one.

Swapping colourways, Jim Ryan is now the proud owner of a one-of-a-kind PS5 in the style of a PS1. It swaps white and black for two-tone grey, and gives the logo a splash of RGB. It’s not just a classic paint job on the console and controller, however. The controllers USB charger has a chonky housing that’s reminiscent of the wired PS1 controller connector. It’s so big that it even looks like it partially covers the Type-C port.

The one-of-a-kind PS5 with its controller, both decked out in PS1 Classic grey with a multicoloured logo.

Sony even goes the extra mile with a unique product box. Featuring a top-down view of the device and even spelling ‘PlayStation’ out fully, it brings back memories of the 90s. PlayStation Employee Network Vertical Lead, Yuichi Haga, showcased the gadget on X in a series of celebratory photos at the CEO’s farewell party. He doesn’t leave until the financial year is over post-March 2024, but tis the season to be festive.

While it’s certainly a product that’d sell like hotcakes, it doesn’t look like you can get your hands on one. The closest we can get is by using decals, wraps, and vinyl, which just aren’t the same as the real thing.

Sony could release something next year to celebrate PlayStation’s 30th anniversary, much like the PS4 did with the 20th anniversary. Even if this is the case, Ryan’s gift is a modded version of the uniform PS5 design and not the updated PS5 Slim model. Anything we might get will be based on the latter, leaving this one truly unique.