Insomniac’s massive 1.67TB data leak reveals upcoming games

Marvel seeks to take over the video game universe.

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Insomniac Games was subject to a massive leak after the developer refused to comply with blackmail demands. Ransomware group, Rhysida, gave the studio one week from December 12 to pay 50 Bitcoin (the equivalent of $2 million) or it threatened to leak 1.3 million hacked files. After failing to meet the deadline, the group has released all 1.67TB worth of data online.

Australian news publication, Cyber Daily, revealed that the data includes everything from internal HR documents to private Slack conversations. Although, the most egregious of them all seems to be files pertaining to the upcoming video game – Marvel’s Wolverine.

Can you believe it’s been two years since the reveal?

A developer’s worst nightmare is having all its hard work leaked online. We’ve seen it happen before, and it undoubtedly negatively affects the teams morale, plus consumers are worse off for it. The released files contain details about the games’ level design, characters, and includes unreleased screenshots. Besides this, there’s also a signing publishing agreement between Marvel and Sony.

It reveals that the dynamic duo are planning to work on a multitude of Marvel titles, besides Wolverine. According to these documents, the super hero games are required to release before 2035. Additionally, Sony plans on spending $120 million per game. Whew, now that’s a lot of Dineros.

Future plans revealed

Insomniac’s entire road map was also released to the public. The slide reveals the following upcoming games:

  • Marvel’s Venom – 2025
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 – 2028
  • Ratchet & Clank – 2029
  • Marvel’s X-Men – 2030
  • Untitled Marvel IP – 2031/2032

In addition to these single players titles, Insomniac also has heavy multiplayer ambitions. Another slide reveals that the hit maker plans on releasing either multiplayer components, or standalone multiplayer titles. This allegedly includes Spider-Man 2 Online scheduled for 2024, Wolverine Online for 2026, and X-Men Online for 2028.

Of course, both the release slate and the accompanying online slide appears to be out of date and is subject to change. Even so, it’s a heavy loss for Insomniac Games and could shift the developers future plans to the far right of the calendar. Needless to say, despite the awesome reveal, it remains a bummer for all.