Hyte is exploring RGB with a new mouse pad and control software

Even mouse pads need an app now.

Hyte Nexus

Hyte, the company behind the acclaimed Y60 chassis, is taking the next step towards a fully-integrated product stack with its new Nexus software pack.

Nexus is an all-in-one app that controls multiple aspects of a machine, from RGB sync to hardware monitoring. The app is launched in tandem with Hyte’s new CNVS (pronounced canvas) qRGB gaming mouse pad, which boasts a 50-pixel qRGB lighting array offering continuous lighting over the power hub and around the edges of the pad’s seven-layer 900mm x 370mm area. Combining both allows the pad to act as an extension of what is visible on display, thus providing more immersion.

“The HYTE CNVS expands your digital world beyond the screen,” said Rob Teller, Product Director at Hyte. “Softening the edges between the physical and virtual planes of existence, immersing you more deeply in the experience of life.”


Back to our subject, Hyte’s Nexus enables RGB hardware lighting to be synced to music, mirror on-screen content, follow personal animations, and more. The software is seen as a one-stop shop for coordinating all system lighting controls and hardware performance monitoring, be it the CNVS pad, any upcoming Hyte RGB-lit product, or the multitude of other brands’ equipment; with weekly software updates planned to extend its hardware support list.

Nexus has the ability to display time, media, image galleries, and real-time hardware health such as CPU or GPU statistics, using its customisable widget-based interface. And the best part, after configuring/tuning each aspect to your liking, all settings can be backed on the cloud, so you never have to worry about OS or storage failures.

Hyte Nexus - Setup

The brand has announced that more features are to come in the future, like system troubleshooting and customer support heuristics.

The Hyte CNVS pad has entered pre-sale in North America starting at $119 MSRP (globally at a later date), with the Nexus app available for download from Hyte.com on March 23.