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Sharkoon REV300 chassis with rotated design

Build a unique gaming PC with Sharkoon’s reversed chassis, now in white

Sharkoon launches a white right-sided chassis with seven pre-installed fans.
Sharkoon Rebel P30 Gold PSU

Sharkoon releases Rebel P30 Gold PSU series boasting up to 1,300W capacity

Sharkoon launches Rebel P30 80 Plus Gold PSUs with 12VHPWR connectivity.
Sharkoon M30

Sharkoon launches budget-friendly M30 Series PC chassis starting at €69.90

Sharkoon brings USB-C to mainstream PC builds with affordable M30 Black and M30 RGB cases.

Sharkoon launches €69 TK5M RGB airflow-oriented chassis

Tempered glass, four fans and USB-C without breaking the bank.

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