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CyberpowerPC UK Ultra R77 3DS looks gorgeous with RGB lighting shining against the white case.

CyberpowerPC UK Ultra R77 3DS review: a midrange showcase

CyberpowerPC UK Ultra R77 3DS isn't a Nintendo spin-off, but a lovely showcase PC featuring an Nvidia RTX 4070 Super and AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D.
PCSpecialist Quantum Ultra S review shows a stylish gaming PC with a whole lot of power.

PCSpecialist Quantum Ultra S review: a super duper gaming PC

Let's take a look at the PCSpecialist Quantum Ultra S, a new prebuilt featuring Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 Super that'll knock your socks off.
The PCSpecialist Odin TX gaming PC stands tall, imposing compared to most systems.

PCSpecialist Odin TX review: a frugal 4k gaming PC

An all-AMD gaming PC that actually saves you money if you buy with PCSpecialist.
Cooler Master Sneaker X shoe PC

Cooler Master Sneaker X PCs are available via CMODX with a variety of hardware...

Cooler Master’s Sneaker X shoe PC starts at $3,499 for an i7-13700K plus RTX 4070 config.
Cyberpower Infinity X135

Cyberpower Infinity X135 D5 Gaming PC review: everything you need

Superb gaming potential for £1,500, there is a lot to like about Cyberpower's Infinity X135 D5.
PCSpecialist Zircon Supreme

PCSpecialist Zircon Supreme desktop PC review: AMD gaming personified

Ryzen 7 7800X3D and Radeon RX 7900 XT combine to create a stellar gaming platform.
PCSpecialist Zircon Elite R

PCSpecialist Zircon Elite R review: nowt wrong with 1080p

Losing faith in the viability of PC gaming? Here's a rig that doesn't cost the Earth yet delivers respectable results.
Cyberpower Infinity X139 RTX

Cyberpower Infinity X139 RTX Gaming PC review: I feel the need, the need for...

The ultimate Christmas upgrade. Premium high-end rigs don't come much quicker than this.
PCSpecialist Blade Ultra

PCSpecialist Blade Ultra system review: that’s no moon

A monster liquid-cooled gaming rig for those who live by the motto bigger is better.
Cyberpower Infinity X129 Ti D5 Gaming PC

Cyberpower Infinity X129 Ti D5 Gaming PC review: current-gen clout

Chart-topping gaming credentials from a £4,000 showstopper.

Lenovo Yoga AIO 7 is a sleek all-in-one computer with decent specs

Lenovo unveils Yoga AIO PC featuring a 27in UHD screen that can flip into portrait mode.

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