This custom laptop-turned-gaming PC gives BioShock vibes

Would you kindly make one for me, too?

Custom Nautilus Laptop to Desktop PC Build by Design Something.

Yet another custom PC build has left us in awe, and this time it’s a Nautilus-inspired laptop-to-desktop conversion that reminds us of Bioshock’s underwater city of Rapture. What’s even more impressive is that it was built entirely from scratch.

YouTuber Design Something has made some of our favourite custom PC builds. As such, we always keep tabs on his latest builds to see what devilish masterpieces he’s created. All it took was a clever use of 3D printing, off-the-shelf components, and skilful painting techniques to recreate this dystopian marvel. Of course, this is no easy task, even though he makes it look so darn simple.

Build analysis

The maker created a basic shell using aluminium equal-angled strips and sheet metal with standoffs to mount the motherboard. They then 3D printed the entire exterior, from the portholes and warning signs to the functional watertight hatch, hinges, and bolts. This further proves that 3D printers are like magic in the right hands.

Well, magic to someone like me, anyway. In actuality, Design Something carefully drilled holes, used pop rivets, and applied craft glue before decorating it. To paint the unique look, they mixed coffee grounds into the glue. It’s a clever ship modelling technique that recreates a weathered appearance before applying primer and paint. Design Something took this a step further by using a heat gun to ‘lift’ the paint, adding even more realism. Finally, they finished the build with a black primer and reddish-brown spray paint to simulate rust caused by salty seas.

It’s simply gorgeous, and you have to appreciate the minute attention to detail Design Something has put into this build. It’s a pity we didn’t get to see the components used, but we know that the creator has a penchant for saving old electronics. It’s a rather unique way of recycling e-waste and giving it a new lease on life.