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Baldurs Gate - Brilliant Character Models

Baldur’s Gate 3 will get cross-platform mods but not all will make it

Larian Studios is hard at work on making mods cross-platform, but as we learned from Skyrim, not all will make the cut.
EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 GPU gets a 16GB upgrade thanks to modder.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 GPU mod nets an 8% frame rate boost

Brazilian GPU modder has once again doubled the VRAM capacity of a graphics card, this time upgrading an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 to 16GB.
Steam Deck mod mutates the handheld into a makeshift Nintendo 3DS.

Steam Deck mod mutates it into a chonky Nintendo 3DS

Someone's modded a Steam Deck with a second screen, making it look suspiciously like a Nintendo 3DS rather than Valve's own handheld.
A gaming PC on a monitor stand.

The best way to show off your gaming PC is on a monitor stand

A Reddit user modifies a monitor stand to hold a PC gaming system and showcase it like an adjustable trophy.
Steam Deck inspired custom handheld device FrameDeck overall chonkiness.

Modder makes DIY Steam Deck rival with Framework laptop parts

A modding enthusiast has created an awesome Steam Deck rival based on the tiny and readily available Framework 13 Laptop mainboard.
Intel Core CPU and AMD Radeon GPU with ReBar support.

This gaming PC mod improves fps on decade-old CPUs

Ten-year-old CPUs get a new lease of life as a Resizable Bar UEFI mod grants them some extra performance.
Robocop ED-209 gaming PC mod looks incredible standing upright.

You have 20 seconds to check out this Robocop gaming PC mod

Fear not, it has no real weapons it can use on you, but it is pretty darn powerful going by the specs.
Imagine what a 30 key keyboard looks like. Now, see it for yourself.

Someone’s made a keyboard the size of a mouse for some reason

In a world where things keep getting bigger, it's nice to see a custom keyboard that's going in the opposite direction.
Elden Ring Elders Book Close Up.

Elden Ring-inspired mod brings new life to ageing Asus laptop

Check out this gorgeously crafted Elder's Book laptop mod, clearly inspired by everyone's favourite RPG, Elden Ring.
Bridge in modded The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.

Skyrim at 8K with 2000 mods looks like The Witcher 3

Skyrim looks amazing when packed with more than 2,000 modes including Ray Traced effects and DLSS 3 upscaling.
A gaming PC inside a Radio case.

This gaming PC mod looks like it belongs in Bioshock

Redditor transforms an old radio set chassis into a computer case, using the original knobs to power the machine on.
A gaming PC built on a car engin.

This Subaru gaming PC doesn’t run games better than Tesla

A Reddit user refurbished a Subaru car engine to house and cool a gaming PC, and it runs hot in just about every sense.

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