This vibrating RGB gaming chair is at its lowest price ever

Cutting-edge tech for less than cutting-edge prices.

Cooler Master Synk X Ultra gaming chair with vibration lines around it and a Best Ever Price tag attached.

Cooler Master Synk X Ultra gaming chair

“A gaming chair that’s imbued with haptic feedback that aims to give you lifelike immersion across different platforms and content types, while respecting your bank account.”

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Haptic feedback is one of those things PC gamers largely miss out on unless you play with a controller. Well, no more says Cooler Master, who’s decided to fit the feature to a gaming chair instead. Better yet, this vibrating seat is at the lowest price we’ve ever seen.

Cooler Master Synk X Ultra returns to its Black Friday price of $338.91, which is 11% off. To put this in perspective, this is quite a bit below its closest vibrating bucket seat rival, Razer Enki Pro. Granted, its snakeheaded competitor finetunes the direction of the haptic feedback, but it’ll cost you hundreds of dollars more for the pleasure.

Synk X Ultra aims to immerse you in pretty much anything. It’ll shake to the explosions when watching Mission Impossible, judder with every shot you take when playing Rainbow Six Siege, and convulse to the bass of your music. You can connect it to most devices from TVs to PCs, consoles, and even your smartphone via aux or Bluetooth. The obvious downside is that you must remember to charge the chair every so often. It feeds from a DC 19V cable, but otherwise you can use it mostly wire-free.

While you can adjust the intensity of the vibration, don’t confuse it for a massage chair. I’ve made that mistake before, but there’s quite a difference between a seat that kneads the knots out of your back and one that wobbles to the tune of a game. Cooler Master helps illustrate the difference with a splash of customisable RGB lighting shining through the back. It’s something you’ll only enjoy walking to and from your setup, but it’s there nonetheless.

Aside from the hi-tech gizmos under the hood, Synk X Ultra stands out from other chairs as a true recliner. Not only does it lean back 135°, but you can also pop a retractable two-stage footrest out. Combined with the hardware, this does make it a chonky chair at 29.4kg. It can also hold its own with a suggested 136kg human body bearing weight, but it’ll be tougher to roll those caster wheels over carpet.

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