Thrustmaster’s flight stick is dirt cheap at near-best price 

Up, up, and away!

Thrustmaster TCA Captain Pack X Airbus Edition falls to near its best price ever.
Thrustmaster TCA Captain Pack X Airbus Edition kit against a white background.

Thrustmaster TCA Captain Pack X Airbus Edition

“The complete TCA Quadrant Airbus Edition allows for a super-lifelike and immersive gaming experience with its four axes and 31 ergonomic physical action buttons designed for control of approach and landing.”

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There’s no better way to experience flight simulators than with a HOTAS (hands-on throttle and stick). It just makes navigating the three axes far easier than using a controller’s analogue sticks. Of course, it’s difficult to justify the money on a dedicated bit of hardware that only aids a few games, but Thrustmaster’s flight stick kit is almost the cheapest it’s ever been.

In an exclusive deal over on Amazon UK, Thrustmaster TCA Captain Pack X Airbus Edition is currently 22% cheaper. At £199.99, it’s close to the best price we’ve ever seen. You could get it a quid cheaper in the Christmas sales, but like this discount, it didn’t last long. I recommend snapping one up sooner rather than later.

Airbus might not be the beacon of quality it once was with a few incidents over the past years, but it’s still a seal of approval. You’ll struggle to find a joystick and throttle combination this cheap at this standard elsewhere. What it does mean is that this is a replica of the real-life thing, including 31 action buttons and four aces on the Quadrant.

The joystick alone has 14 switches that you can customise on Xbox Series X/S and PC. You can swap the top buttons out between four different heads, and it features a truly ambidextrous design. The throttle is similarly comprehensive with a reverser mechanism, rudder control, and lockable handle.

Given its likeness to traditional aircraft, the kit is best suited to play Microsoft Flight Simulator with the default A320. It’s no less capable at playing Star Wars Squadrons, Star Citizen, or Elite Dangerous, though.

As always, don’t just take our word for it. With this deal featuring on Amazon, you have a 30-day return window to protect your purchase. Buy it and try it for yourself, and just return it if you’re not happy.

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