WD_Black officially announces C50 expansion card for Xbox Series X|S

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WD Black C50 Expansion Card

Following on from an accurate leak at the start of April, WD_Black is now officially announcing the certified C50 expansion card for the latest Xbox consoles. Offered in capacities up to 1TB, the card breaks rival Seagate’s stranglehold for add-in storage on Microsoft’s consoles which, if you recall, use a proprietary drive instead of fast, ubiquitous M.2 present on the Sony PlayStation 5.

“Xbox consoles have been a much beloved gaming staple in households around the globe for decades,” said Susan Park, vice president, global strategic partnerships at Western Digital.  “With the introduction of the WD_BLACK C50 Expansion Card for Xbox, gamers can continue to enjoy their favorite games with more flexibility so they can focus on accomplishing their next mission or defeating their final boss.”  

WD_Black is going aggressive on price by offering a 512GB version for £89.99 and a 1TB for £149.99, thereby undercutting Seagate’s offerings by a small margin. Shame there’s no 2TB option, a la Seagate.

Available today on the WD store and backed by a five-year warranty, each purchase also includes a one-month trial of Game Pass Ultimate. Happy gaming.