Xbox March update makes Quick Resume even better

And finally, an option to remap the Share button.

Xbox March Update

Microsoft’s latest Xbox dashboard update is now in the wild, bringing with it a couple of long overdue improvements.

Chief among them is the ability to Pin to Quick Resume. The new option, available when selecting a game and pressing menu, allows up to two titles to be retained in a suspended state.

Easily one of Xbox Series S|X’s best features, Quick Resume takes advantage of the Xbox Velocity Architecture to store a freeze frame of entire game states to memory, providing gamers a near-instant return to where they left off.

Up until now, users have had little control over how Quick Resume works, instead relying on the Xbox OS to manage which games are stored in memory. Starting with the March update, two titles can be pinned permanently to Quick Resume, ensuring fast access irrespective of whatever else you play. Microsoft confirms pinned games will only drop out of Quick Resume if manually removed, or if a mandatory game update takes place.

Microsoft’s new dashboard also addresses a frequent complaint by allowing the Share button on Xbox Wireless Controllers to be remapped.

The button can now be used for a number of actions, including TV mute and quick access to friends list, and remapping duties are handled by the existing Xbox Accessories app. While you’re there, be certain to update your controllers as the dashboard release coincides with new controller firmware promising fixes and performance improvements.

Last but not least, Microsoft has implemented a revamped audio setup wizard designed to test HDMI formats and ensure surround-sound configurations are working optimally.

Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One consoles configured to update automatically will begin seeing the March Update in the coming days. Those who prefer to manually update can do so immediately.