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Microsoft’s latest PowerToys arrives featuring a nifty Dashboard homepage

PowerToys just got a whole lot more powerful, adding a nifty, easy-to-navigate Dashboard and a new environment variables editor.
Windows 11

HuRAR! Microsoft brings native support for additional archive formats to Windows 11

Microsoft is adding native support for tar, 7-zip, rar, gz to its flagship operating system.
Power Tools

Microsoft PowerToys v0.70 lets you control multiple PCs with one mouse and keyboard

Multitasking just got a whole lot easier with PowerToys v0.70, reintroducing Mouse Without Borders and Peek utilities for Windows users.
Hyte Nexus

Hyte is exploring RGB with a new mouse pad and control software

Hyte releases CNVS qRGB Intense Gaming Play Mat alongside Nexus RGB management software.
PowerToys v0.68.0

Microsoft PowerToys v0.68 solves ‘paste as plain text’ once and for all

Must-have app keeps getting better with new features power users are going to love.
Xbox March Update

Xbox March update makes Quick Resume even better

Latest Xbox dashboard arrives with a couple of quality of life improvements.
PowerToys - Always On Top

Always On Top makes Microsoft PowerToys indispensable

Designed for power users, useful to everyone.

CoD Warzone’s Ricochet anti-cheat goes live, enjoys some success

Warzone cheaters are being "banned en masse," say reports.
Windows Terminal

Windows Terminal to become default command line in Windows 11

Windows 11 refinements continue to be implemented.
half price Office

Microsoft tempts Office suite pirates with 50 per cent discount

Should software pirates get a discount to upgrade to legit software?
Notepad icon

Windows 11 Notepad gets dark mode, multi-level undo and more

Good news for Windows dark mode aficionados, probably.
Steam Deck

Valve’s Steam Deck isn’t going to be promoted with exclusive games

"It's a PC," declares Valve, when asked about exclusive platform titles.

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