Xbox October update heralds much-awaited quality-of-life improvements

The Xbox app and Windows are also getting some love.

Xbox Series

Microsoft is rolling out its Xbox October update featuring many quality-of-life improvements such as Consumer Electronics Control (CEC), boot sound mute, and clearer power management settings.

Xbox users are accustomed to seeing new features popping up almost every month, and October is no exception. Microsoft has released a new version of its Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S operating system, bringing several notable changes, albeit nothing revolutionary.

Now you can change your TV volume directly from the console using CEC commands, mute the console startup sounds, search for games, apps or movies directly from your home screen, choose the best power setting thanks to clearer labelling, and many more. You can find the full change log below:

  • Change your TV volume – new CEC feature for Xbox Series X|S
  • Mute your startup audio
  • Select or change your home Xbox
  • Changes to Xbox power mode names
  • Xbox passkeys and guest keys are now Xbox PINs
  • Xbox controller firmware update
  • Xbox app – trim the length of your video clips
  • Xbox Game Bar – share to and edit your clips

In detail, you can now change the volume of your TV directly from your Xbox – no need to look for a remote controller. For this, the console needs to be connected to a TV via HDMI, and you will need to go to the Audio and Music section.

Xbox October update - Xbox CEC TV

Some settings have been renamed to make them more self-explanatory, such as the Xbox power mode ‘Standby’ which becomes ‘Sleep’ and ‘Energy saver’ which is now called ‘Shutdown (energy saving)’. The ‘Xbox passkey’ and ‘guest key’ have also been renamed to ‘Xbox PIN’ and ‘Xbox guest PIN,’ respectively.

You can now trim clips directly in the Xbox app on Android and iOS instead of needing to download the footage to your smartphone before editing using a third-party app. Note this doesn’t replace proper editing software but provides a quick way to delete unnecessary bits before sharing with friends or community.

Xbox October update - Xbox app

Finally, the Xbox October system update includes new firmware for the following controllers:

  • Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2
  • Xbox Series X|S Wireless Controllers
  • Xbox Adaptive Controllers
  • Xbox One Wireless Controllers with Bluetooth support