Xbox Series S set to become much more expensive in Brazil

Better switch to PlayStation.

Xbox Series S in Brazil

Brazilian outlet TheEnemy has unveiled that Microsoft’s Xbox Series S consoles are getting a sizable price increase.

Seen as an affordable entry into current-gen games in the rest of the world, The Xbox Series S 512GB is seemingly getting a massive price hike in the land famous for samba and football. A console that costs between R$2,000 (£328) and R$2,500 (£411) before, is expected to reach R$3,599 (£592) soon. This puts Microsoft’s machine price near Sony’s PlayStation 5 Digital R$3.909 (£646), which, let’s be clear, is much better than the Series S since it carries the full power of a regular PS5.

“At Xbox, we remain focused on offering the best gaming experience at a variety of price points, so gamers can choose what best fits their gaming needs and budget,” reads Microsoft’s statement (translated). “In the coming weeks, we will begin to communicate price adjustments for Xbox Series S consoles in Brazil.”

At least the Series X is keeping its R$4,499 (£739) tag unchanged, for now. Though seeing the minuscule R$900 difference, it wouldn’t be surprising for the Series X to be repositioned.

Resident Evil 4 - Xbox series X disc
Source: own4less

This is not the first time Brazilian players have heard about bad news from the Xbox side, as Nerdizmo’s sources within distributors have previously indicated the termination of physical game distribution in the country.

Furthermore, with players preferring the digital format, plus some recent releases only available through Xbox’s online store, the last solution for those who like to own a disc may be importing games from abroad that comes at a hefty price.

Indeed, getting the game you like with a couple of clicks is better than having to go to a store for a physical disc – sometimes even finding that no stock is left. But on the other hand, a disc copy should work as long as it is kept in good condition, and very important for game conservation.

A very unfortunate reality for Brazilian players.