You can now buy the world’s smallest ATX 3.1 power supply unit

It cleans itself, like a good pet.

Enermax Revolution D.F. 12 PSUs.
Background by Jarno Colijn.

Enermax has launched the world’s smallest ATX 3.1 PSU featuring the newer 12V-2×6 cable. Taking less room than equivalent competitors, the Revolution D.F. 12 series delivers ample power to compact builds.

Measuring only 150mm (W) x 86mm (H) x 122mm (D), the Revolution D.F. 12 minimises space requirements and offers higher compatibility with a compact chassis, all while leaving room for cable management.

Enermax Revolution D.F. 12 size.

Following the ATX 3.1 specifications, the Revolution D.F. 12 series supports up to 235% power excursion and comes equipped with the revised 12V-2×6 supporting up to 600W power delivery to graphics cards via a single cable. The series also carries an 80-Plus Gold efficiency badge.

To begin with, Enermax is launching two capacities, 750W and 850W. Each will be available in black or white housing 100% Japanese capacitors, cooled by a 115mm dual-ball bearing fan. The latter features a self-cleaning function that rotates the blades counterclockwise to remove any accumulated dust. Not to mention the passive mode, which stops the fan under 50% load, combining silence and power.

Both the black and white versions come with colour-matching sleeved cables. Great attention to detail from Enermax here, as even the connectors and cable combs are painted accordingly. While not a big deal, it would have been perfect if Enermax had taken things a step further and included a white AC power cable, just in case you’re going for a white chassis too.

Regardless of colour or capacity, all models come bundled with one motherboard 24-pin, one 12V-2×6 GPU power cable rated for 600W, eight SATA, four Molex, three GPU 6+2-pin, plus two 4+4-pin CPU power.

We first saw the Revolution D.F. 12 series at CES 2024 alongside the PlaiGemini series. Now, it’s finally available on Amazon US at $129.99 for the black 750W, $139.99 for the black 850W, and $149.99 for the white 850W. The series will be available in Europe and other regions in April and is backed by a ten-year warranty.