Alleged Intel Core i9-14900KS picture leaked

The best chip you can get for the LGA 1700 platform.

Intel Core i9-14900KS desktop processor.
Source: @9550pro on X (Twitter)

Intel Core i9-14900KS desktop processor has been pictured, indicating a potential launch during this year’s CES in Las Vegas. A powerful chip to mark the end of the current Intel socket.

Shared by @9550pro on X (formerly Twitter), the picture shows an Intel CPU marked as being a Core i9-14900KS. While the image doesn’t seem modified and a KS version of Intel’s latest generation is definitely plausible, the user indicated that it could be fake. @9550pro adds that the chip may also never launch.

If the Core i9-14900K is pretty much a copy of the 13900KS CPU with a slightly lower base power rating, the 14900KS brings a bit more frequency to the table for those rocking Intel’s best last-gen part. To be more precise, the i9-14900KS is expected to feature eight P-Cores and 16 E-Cores, with the former clocked higher at 6.2GHz. Like its last-gen equivalent, this chip is also set to operate at 150W TDP with Max power probably around 253W. And that’s before even attempting any overclocking.

That said, with fully optimised chips, chances are you’ll only get a couple hundred megahertz extra from overclocking at the expense of power and heat. As usual, this model will be aimed at users wanting the best CPU from Intel, or those into extreme LN2 overclocking. In any case, with the current specs, 14900K and even 13900K owners won’t benefit much from an upgrade. However, the i9-14900KS could become Intel’s first CPU to break the 6GHz frequency out of the box.

That said, gamers don’t need to shell out this much money for the best gaming performance, as AMD’s Ryzen 7 7800X3D takes that spot while being cheaper.

Assuming Intel is planning to release this chip, chances are it will be during the upcoming CES 2024. So stay tuned.