AMD GPUs might’ve hurried Nvidia RTX 5090 and 5080 release

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A person receiving a GeForce RTX graphics card parcel.
Background by RoseBox.

Nvidia is seemingly launching its GeForce RTX 5000 GPUs sooner due to AMD’s competition. The GPUs in question, however, aren’t what you’d think.

According to Moore’s Law Is Dead, Nvidia’s next-gen Blackwell gaming GPUs may launch before the end of this year. Official announcements, however, could come a lot sooner at Computex in June 2024. It’s a strange turn of events, considering rumours suggest AMD doesn’t have a high-end Radeon RX 8000 in store.

According to MLID sources, the reason is AMD’s Machine Learning (MI) products. AMD’s MI350X are just around the corner with more RAM for less money. Nvidia wants to get in on the action with its professional Blackwell GPUs. Since both Nvidia’s consumer and professional chips share the same architecture, one gives away the other’s performance. In other words, there is no reason to keep anything secret.

One of MLID’s sources claimed that Nvidia is gearing up for a Q4 2024 launch or even sooner – late Q3 – if possible for its RTX 5090 and RTX 5080 GPUs. Another source at a distributor also confirms this launch period, though indicating its surprise. MLID banks on Q4 considering initial whispers but Nvidia is no stranger to Q3 releases. Nvidia RTX 3080 arrived earlier than most others in the series.

Meanwhile, a source at Nvidia said that a launch doesn’t mean wide availability, also known as a paper launch. While not appreciated by customers, a paper launch shows that Nvidia has new products on the market, thus hindering the competition’s sales if their products are not compelling enough. This will mostly apply to those searching for the fastest graphics card.

Talking of which, previous rumours spoke about a lower uplift in rasterised tasks than what the RTX 4090 brought compared to its predecessor. That said, since the RTX 4090 didn’t use the full Ada die, i.e. cut down by around 10%, the RTX 5090 may surprise us again with a massive generational leap.

In any case, rumours are generally optimistic regarding Blackwell GPUs, so we can’t wait to see them in action. We just hope Nvidia will offer affordable solutions for those lacking deep pockets.