AMD Ryzen 7000G desktop and Ryzen 8000 mobile APUs spotted using Zen 4 architecture

The cat's out the bag.

AMD Ryzen processor render on an AM5 motherboard.

A new leak reveals AMD is set to release a refreshed Ryzen 7000G ‘Phoenix’ desktop APUs and Ryzen 8000 ‘Hawk Point’ APUs featuring Zen 4 CPU cores and RDNA 3 graphics inside.

AMD looks like it’s about to expand its line-up of best CPUs. The leak was first spotted by eagle-eyed tech enthusiast Harukaze5719 on X, via a shipping manifesto that reveals four desktop SKUs prepped for AM5 sockets and four Ryzen 8000 Mobile APUs to be employed in FP7 and FP7R2 sockets.

The desktop lineup features both Pro and non-Pro variants featuring AMD’s Ryzen 5 7500G and Ryzen 3 7300G chips. As the nomenclature suggests, the Ryzen 5 7500G should maintain six cores and 12 threads, while the Ryzen 7300G should feature four cores and eight threads. However, both Pro and non-Pro variants adopt an efficient 65W TDP.

Meanwhile, the AMD Ryzen 8000 ‘Hawk Point’ APUs, built ostensibly for laptops, seem to be a refresh of the existing Ryzen 7040 ‘Phoenix’ APUs, owed to them utilising the very same FP7 and FP7R2 sockets.

The mobile APUs listed include a Ryzen 5 8540U in both Pro and non-Pro flavours featuring six cores and 12 threads, plus two Ryzen 3 8840U and 8440U processors featuring four cores and eight threads, respectively. All of the above are designed with a 28W TDP in mind. Also, due to their cut-down die size, the source suggests these APUs should feature up to four RDNA 3 compute units.

Pricing and availability have yet to be confirmed, but the lineup being featured in shipping records suggests that the launch is imminent. Most likely, we should expect a formal reveal by the end of the year, or at CES 2024 at the latest, bringing it in line with AMD’s last major CPU roadmap update.