Apple updates entry-level iPhone SE with 5G and A15 Bionic chip

Refreshed handset retains £419 starting price.

iPhone SE 2022

Apple introduced a third-generation iPhone SE during a livestream event on Tuesday. The budget handset represents the most affordable route to an iOS smartphone, and a refresh had been long overdue with the previous model having launched back in 2020.

In the face of spiralling living costs, consumers will be pleased to hear that Apple has retained a £419 starting price for a 64GB unit, rising to £469 for 128GB, or £569 for a top-spec £256 model.

Key upgrades include 5G connectivity, the same A15 Bionic processor that powers the premium iPhone 13, and improved battery life across the board. Audio playback is said to have increased from 40 to 50 hours, and the battery is estimated to last an extra 15 per cent during video playback, which rises from 13 to 15 hours.

Outside of the core specification bumps, the handset maintains the look and feel of its predecessor. The pocket-friendly 4.7in Retina HD LCD display offers the same 1334×750 resolution, thick bezels above and below carry on a design that dates back to the 2017 iPhone 8, and the phone continues to favour Touch ID as opposed to face unlock.

There’s still no support for Apple’s growing catalogue of MagSafe accessories, however the 2022 iPhone SE does offer Qi wireless charging. Apple’s launch is significant as the discontinued second-gen iPhone SE proved to be one of the firm’s best-selling models in recent years.

The mainstream handset ticks a lot of boxes and benefits from long-term software support. iPhones are typically eligible for multiple generations of the iOS operating system, and the latest SE will be targeting those users looking to migrate from a handset that’s 3-5 years old.