Apple Vision Pro mixed-reality headset might land in February

Apple throws its hat into the mixed-reality.

Apple Vision Pro mixed-reality headset aims for February.

Mixed-reality headsets are in full swing, with Meta Quest 3 and Pro taking the biggest slice of the pie. It might not stay that way forever, though, as we might finally know when Apple Vision Pro releases.

Apple announced its Vision Pro headset earlier this year, tacking a whopping $3,499 price tag on it. The brand wasn’t shy in showing off its quintessential Apple design that’ll no doubt remind you of every other product under its belt. At the time, it came with some photos and specs, but no proper release date.

We were given a release window of “early next year,” which Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has translated to mean no later than February. Now Apple is ramping up production, it reportedly notified developers to test their apps to make sure they’re properly ready.

Gurman also says Apple will start training at least two members of staff per store in January. The program will teach them how to use the headset, from the headband to prescription lenses and general functionality. With all that’s going on, February doesn’t seem so much of a stretch.

Apple isn’t new to being fashionably late to a scene, instead polishing its devices so much you can metaphorically see your face in it. Since this is a brand-new product category for the fruit firm, and a first since 2015’s Apple Watch, it seems to be treading carefully to get it right.

The main questions on our lips are who exactly is Vision Pro for, and how can it justify its lofty price? Fortunately, Apple seems to be aware that this is out of most people’s budget. Gurman (via Engadget) previously reported that it’s preparing a cheaper, less powerful headset aiming for the $1,500 and $2,500 range.