Apple Vision Pro review roundup: a deeply expensive marvel

All googly-eyed.

People certainly have thoughts on Apple Vision Pro, Apple's new spatial computing platform.

The Apple Vision Pro has arrived and it’s already sold out! Those lucky enough to beat the scalpers will get their hands on one starting this Friday, February 2. In the meantime, reviews are now live and the overall consensus is universally positive. Everyone’s googly-eyed over Apple’s debut spacial computing tech.

Many agree that Apple’s first VR/AR goggles are an enticing prospect and have the potential to be amazing. It has among the best eye- and hand-tracking interfaces in the biz, alongside the equally visually impressive micro-OLED displays. Add Apple’s advanced M2 and R1 chips, and this may be one of the most immersive wearable experiences out there today.


However, Apple’s next-generation computing platform does have a few downsides. For one, it is extremely expensive. This first-gen iteration will almost be exclusively for developers or consumers with deep pockets. At a whopping $3,500, we’re inclined to agree.

Second, while comfortable at first, the heaviness of the headset is still a problem. The heft can lead to discomfort after long periods of use, and the tethered battery can be rather annoying. This means that this won’t replace your desktop any time soon, even if you can afford it. Plus, the Persona 3D avatar is weirdly uncanny and needs some work.

Finally, there are some bugs that can lead to performance issues, and big apps like YouTube and Netflix are still missing. Not forgetting to mention, there’s not much gaming going on here, which makes me sad. Thankfully, Apple and third-party devs can remedy these issues in future updates. Without further ado, let’s get into it!


The Reviews

CNET (7.8/10) – “Will the Vision Pro be the first step toward modern spatial computing in mixed reality as we know it from now on? Maybe. What really makes Vision Pro seem futuristic isn’t the display or the apps, it’s the input. Eyes and hands. Other headsets have eye tracking and hand tracking, but none have the combination working as smoothly, subtly and intuitively as Vision Pro.”

The Verge (7/10) – “The Vision Pro is an astounding product. It’s the sort of first-generation device only Apple can really make, from the incredible display and passthrough engineering, to the use of the whole ecosystem to make it so seamlessly useful, to even getting everyone to pretty much ignore the whole external battery situation. There’s a part of me that says the Vision Pro only exists because Apple is so incredibly capable, stocked with talent, and loaded with resources that the company simply went out and engineered the hell out of the hardest problems it could think of in order to find a challenge.”

Tom’s Guide (4/5) – “The Apple Vision Pro is a truly amazing product that delivers futuristic eye- and hand-tracking interface along with breathtaking 3D video and truly impressive AR apps. It’s also a magical way to extend your Mac. But there’s some early performance bugs that need to be worked out, the battery can get in the way, and Digital Persona is a bit creepy and needs work.”

CNBC (recommended) – “Apple’s real opportunity will materialize when it finds a way to mass produce the Vision Pro at closer to $2,000, or less. Until then, it may be a niche product. But the experience blows everything else out of the water. It’s Apple’s most exciting product in years and it’s the best example yet that this will become a new way of computing.”


Well, there you have it, folks. The Apple Vision Pro is currently available for pre-order and starts at $3,499 for the 256GB version. This soars to $3,699 for the 512GB version and $3,899 for the ultimate 1TB variant. Cop or drop?